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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 15. New RoomieI had child models preteen lolli to transfer to a different school my Junior year of college. My dad
couldnt afford the school I was going to, and I lost my job, so I
transferred to a cheaper state school. Once again I was in the dorms, and
because I transferred late, I wound up in the "scrunge" dorm. They called
it that because it was an older dorm, and the guys who were there were
indeed your more scrungy types. There were no private bathrooms, only the
big communal ones on each floor. The dorm rooms were pretty small too. The
roomate I got was a freshman student from the midwest, and he fit in just
fine. He showered every three days, whether he needed to or not. He was
quiet, and didn't seem to have many freinds. After a couple of days, I
suggested we have some ground rules. I mentioned that guys need to take
care of themselves, and there wasn't a lot of privacy, so if he didn't mind,
being naked in front of eachother was ok, and if he was comfortable with it,
we could jerk off in front of eachother. He told me it was fine with him.
He had never jerked off with anyone or seen another guy child models preteen lolli Jerk off, but the
idea of getting caught doing it in the bathroom kind of freaked him out. We
both laughed, and said it was cool. I was glad because i wanted to get a
good look at him naked, and was tired of him changing in the closet.That night, before we went to bed, I started to get undressed, and I noticed
he was watching me. I bbs list teen loli asked if he was ok, and he said he was, he just never
saw a chubby guy naked before. I sat on my bed naked and asked if he had a
problem with it. He said no, and it seemed he was facinated with my body.
He was staring and I asked what he was so interested in. He said he liked my
tits. I laughed and said he would be seeing a lot of them. I lay back on
my bed and started stroking myself. As I stroked I watched him take off his
shirt. He was skinny, but not muscular, and had a dusting of hair on his
chest and stomach. He had thick hair coming from under his arms. He
noticed I was watching him and he asked why I was looking at him. I told
him I was just curious about what he bbs preteen lolita children looked like. He smiled. and started
to undo his pants. He had a huge bulge in his cum stained breifs. I
stopped stroking and took my hand away so he could see my cock. He
commented best off lolita pussy that it wasnt that big, and I said i knew, but it still felt good
to me. He slid off his breifs and his thick hairy 8 inch cock sprung out.
I started stroking again, laughing to myself that he probably had no idea I
was stroking thinking about him.I looked at him and said, "so you really have never been naked with another
guy?" and he told me he hadnt. He said PE was optional in school and he
opted out of it. I lied and told him I had never seen a cock that big
before. He got closer to me to let me have a good view. I asked him if I
could feel it. He stepped back, and I said I was just curious about it, but
it was ok if I didnt touch it. I told him if he let me touch it, he could
play with my tits or anything else for that matter. I told him no one had to
know about it. He stepped closer free asian lolita mpegs and said it would be ok. I stood up and
felt his big meaty cock and thick bush. He moaned as I started to stroke
him. At the same time, I felt his big low hanging balls. They were heavy
and had a strong musky scent. As I felt him, he caressed my breasts, and
said how smooth they felt. As he played with my nipples, he reached between
my legs and started stroking my cock. I started to moan and told him how
good it felt. Almost instintively he started sucking my tits. I almost
shot my load. WHen I let out a moan he stopped and appologised. I told
him I liked it and he could do it anytime. I told him if he didn't slow
down I was going to cum. He started stroking me faster, and I said if he
made me cum, I get to make him cum. He stood to my side and stroked me
harder and faster, and I went over the edge and started to shoot my load on
the floor. His eyes were transfixed on my cock, watching me shoot rope
after rope of hot cum. He said he had never seen a guy cum before.I told him it was my turn and I got on my knees in front of him. I started
to lick his balls, while i stroked his cock. I loved the smell and taste of
them. He spread his legs wider and I started sucking on his balls, one at
a time. then I slowly licked around the head of his cock, and licked the
precum off it. I took his cockhead in my mouth and started moving up and
down his hard shaft, while my fingers explored his hairy crotch. I was able
to deep throat him, as I felt his bush tickling my nose. Instinctively, he
started pumping in and out of my mouth, thrusting harder and faster. Soon I
felt the first shot of cum go down my throat, and I pulled back so the rest
would go in my mouth. I swallowed his load and was able to taste it. WHen
he was done, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, and told me how great that
felt. I told him I'd be happy to pleasure him anytime he wanted. We
threw some towels around ourselves, and went to the showers.When I got up the next morning, he had gone to breakfast. I stayed in the
room and finished some homework. I was unsure how he would feel about what
we did the night before. I was afraid he would freak out and demand another
roomate, but when he came up to the room, he came over to me and slid his
hands under my shirt and started playing with my tits. I took little young lolita pics off my shirt
and let him suck my tits. I pulled down his sweat pants and breifs, and
started playing with his cock. I reached around and felt his hairy ass
cheeks. we lay down on my bed in a 69 position and he stroked me while I
sucked his cock. I loved being stroked so we were both really enjoying
ourselves. I asked if he was ready to try something else, and he was eager
to learn all he could. I had him lie on his back. His cock was sticking
straight up. I got out some vaseline and coated his cock with it. Then I
got on top of him and squatted down onto his hard cock. He watched intently
as his huge cock disappeared in my ass. Once I got used to it being inside
me, I started moving up and down and back and fourth on his cock. He
played with my tits as I fucked his big cock. It was a good thing most
guys were in class, because he was moaning pretty loudly. I told him I loved
him fucking me. He started sucking my tits and thrusting up into me. I
squeezed my ass around his thick cock, and I could feel him shooting his
load into my ass. As he softened, I got off him, and sucked his cock
clean. When I was done, I had him pull his legs up, and I tongue fucked
his hairy hole. As roomates go, we were off to a good start.
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